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Core Values & Principles

Building Trust and Confidence

Europrivacy has been designed to build trust and confidence by certifying data processing that are compliant with the applicable European data protection regulations.


Auditors and personnel of the Certification Body involved in a Europrivacy certification process shall perform their work with honesty, diligence and responsibility. They must apply the Certification Scheme requirements with professionalism and impartiality.


Europrivacy auditors are independent of the activity being audited and must act in a manner that is free from bias and conflict of interest


Certification Bodies ensure impartiality in their certification processes. They remain fair and unbiased in all their dealings and ensure that their decisions are not influenced by other interests or by other parties.

Evidence-based Approach

Audit findings and conclusions are based on objective evidence of conformity (or nonconformity), which are relevant to the audit criteria.

Fair Presentation

Audit findings, conclusions and reports should reflect truthfully and accurately the audit activity.


The Certification Body and its personnel must have procedures and policy for protecting the confidentiality of the information acquired in relation with certification process.


The Certification Body discloses information on its certification process and the certification status of its Clients, while protecting confidentiality where it applies.

Non-discrimination Conditions

The Certification Body shall make its services accessible to all applicants whose activities fall within the scope of its operations and for which it has the required resource. Decision to accept or refuse a client shall be based on objective and proportionate reasons.

Addressing Emerging Technologies

Europrivacy has been designed to encompass risks related to emerging technologies, as well as to leverage on state-of-the-art technologies to support certification processes.

Continuous Improvement

Europrivacy Certification Scheme has been designed to apply and benefit from continuous improvement under the authority of an international board of experts.

Safeguarding our Core Values and Principles

In the event of a justified suspicion of undue influence, which could jeopardise the preservation of the above-mentioned principles, the Executive Board of the Certification Body should be informed.